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Indoor Vaping Now Allowed In Parliament

The battle for being able to use ecigs in the Parliament has been won by the MPs. Latest news reported that politicians now have the green light for indoor vaping in Westminster.

Officials in the House of Commons have modified the rules so MPs are allowed using electronic cigarettes inside the Parliament. Many public spaces and offices in Britain now ban the use of electronic cigarettes. MPs and researchers, however, lobbied for their vaping rights and their fight ended with a favorable result because the politicians are now allowed the enjoyment of indoor vaping. The decision was rather brazen because World Health Organization has recommended a complete ban on using the devices indoors.

This is a boost for the vaping industry that is now growing at an amazing rate as it continues to gather sales worth billions of British pounds. While indoor ecig use is allowed, there are still a few precautionary measures that House of Commons officials took into consideration. Politicians and staff who want to vape should take care to vape only in three areas, particularly in their own offices, in a part of the Portcullis House building and in the main pub for the MPs at the Stranger’s.

Based on the formal minutes of the Commons Administration Committee, Andrew Walker, Director General, HR and Change as well as Paul Mann, Pay and HR Policy Manager privately briefed the Committee.

It was resolved that the Committee supports the policy guidance of the management Board for the staff of the House. Subject for further review aside from the advice to the Speaker that using ecigarettes in the Parliament Estate, vaping is limited only within the three stated places.

It was known that the MPs have been lobbying hard for a dedicated vaping space in the Parliament. Right now, many vapers are huddling in groups in the freezing courtyard on the lawns at the back of the House of Commons or outside the Portcullis House due to the unclear rules on vaping.

In November, Administration Committee wanted a ban on vaping inside the Commons chamber as well as in the main areas where the tour groups walk. The politicians expressed concerns that this might lead to a blanket ban on vaping throughout the estate. With the new guidelines, which now need the approval from Speaker John Bercow, politicians who want to vape could at least take puffs without the need to endure the harsh weather and temperature.

Common Sense Solution for Indoor Vaping

On Brad Rodu’s blog, he has a post about the common sense solution on indoor use of ecigarettes. Ecigs, he said are now gaining popularity as a reduced harm alternatives for smokers. Nonetheless, the debate is on whether or not vaping should be permitted indoors.

Many policy makers and anti-smoking campaigners are pushing for the smoking ban to include vaping. Indoor smoking bans were originaly meant to protect non-smokers from being exposed to the thousands of different airborne toxins. Ecigarette enthusiasts say that they should be allowed to vape freely in public because the vapors they exhale contain no toxins.

The decision of the House Of Commons officials is most likely the most favorable solution right now when critics are still asking for more solid facts and evidences to support there are really no harms caused by vaping.

Through dedicated indoor vaping places, both parties would be pleased. As Rodu explained, no matter how harmless ecig vapors are, it will still remain a possibility that vapers will be criticized for doing so. This is because as society, any kind of emission is frowned upon. There will always be people who would look for any possible flaws just to eliminate something that they do not like. The world is full of compromises, but this is a compromise that vapers might actually endure and accept more easily.

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From Smoking Alternative to Vaping Hobby

Many smokers start using ecigarettes as smoking alternative. From here on, each vaper treads his/her own path. Some eventually find that ecigs has led them to give up tobacco and nicotine altogether and decide to end the journey there. Yet, there are also those who have developed a different passion and interest on the vaping hobby.

Like other hobbies such as knitting, scrapbooking and photographing, these new hobbyists also spend time, effort and resources on their vaping hobby. They have found something new and profound in their new leisure pursuit. Rebecca Hanlon discussed about vaping hobbyists in her recent York Daily Record article, but the ones she featured were young adults who do not like to smoke, yet want to enjoy the social pleasures of it.

Discovering Vaping

Samantha Lisowski is a 23-year old vaper from York whom Hanlon reported to be among the vaping hobbyists. Lisowski said she never wanted to put a cigarette in her mouth because there are obvious signs of what harms cigarettes can do to one’s body. She explained that if a person would still smoke cigarettes, it would be an ignorance of current information.

Her grandfather had been a smoker for 20 years and he has died from throat and lung cancer. She watched how the entire family struggled with this loss so cigarette smoking was never her option or interest.

Still, she found the social aspect of smoking appealing. Lisowski said that she sometimes want to hold something in a party. With smoking still stigmatized in society, she added they are now finding ways of making it work.

Venturing Into Vaping

Individuals are not the only ones taking intetest on the growing trend, but also some businesses and their owners. One Step Up LLC is owned by JR Russell. It has been a smoking accessory shop for three years, but he and his wife Stacey has converted it into a complete vape shop roughly 2.5 years ago.

Russell said that 80-90% of their customers are smokers who want to quit the habit. The remaining 10% comprises of college-aged people who do not want to smoke, but would like the same social pleasures just like Lisowski.

The store offers 224 flavors of ejuice. Customers cold customize their flavors and nicotine strengths. He explained that the difference between cigarette nicotine and ecig nicotine is the lack of carbon monoxide and tar from the latter.

Alarming Trend For Prohibitionists

This trend is, of course, not positive news to the prohibitionists. They insist that there might be some health issues that vaping could bring. Tobacco cessation specialist at WellSpan, Marie Drawbaugh, remarked that not much is really known about ecigs to say they are a problem.

To those who choose to use official and approved cessation methods like those offered at WellSpan, she suggests them to use NRTs like gums and patches. Any addiction is harmful, she said. Yet, the very same NRTs that she hails are equally addictive as they also contain nicotine. These NRTs also create a horde or new addicts from the non-smoking population.

At Rutter’s Farm Store, communications manager Alex Henry said that they have been selling various ecigs since 2011 and treated them like tobacco. They ID customers to make sure they are of legal age before allowed to purchase ecigs.

Reputable ecig stores also do the same such as Internal Vaper. Co-owner Meghan Little said they require customers to be at least 18 years old. Ecigs are devices generally sold only to adults. If Lisowski and other young adults like her choose to use ecigs even if they have not smoked cigarettes; it is their decisions to make. After all, politicians urge these young adults to decide for themselves during election time as politicians believe young adults have the capacity to think what will be best for the nation.

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You Are Not Fit to Vape If You’re

Electronic cigarettes are said to be better alternatives to real and combustible cigarettes. Thus, many smokers are now flocking towards them; hoping that they would experience the benefits that vaping offers. Nonetheless, giving vaping a try without considering several important aspects would only jeopardize any possible gains you could get from using ecigarettes. One of the things to consider is determining whether you are fit or not fit to vape.

Addressing Ecigarette Arguments

Some eig users use ecigs as tools or steps in quitting smoking. There are also some who use ecigs merely to enjoy the action, the flavor and the social aspect of vaping.

Critics have always been pointing out what adverse effects on health vaping have; of their marketing to children; of their flavors and more. These are the things that you need to consider if you want to know if you are fit or not fit to vape.

You Are Not Fit to Vape If You Are:

Younger Than 18 Years Old

Like traditional cigarettes, ecigarettes are not for any minors. This is not only about legal obligations, but also about being a responsible person. Nicotine is contained and delivered by most ecigarettes.

This substance is very addictive and children’s psychology, social situations and peer pressure makes nicotine more addictive. Teenagers and children are influenced by adults in their behaviors. Reputable companies do not sell or market their products to children under 18 years old. They even have disclaimers that warn buyers about age restrictions. Yet, ecigarette consumption by children is bound to occur like tobacco smoking although companies remind their customers that ecigs are only for adults.

Pregnant or Breast Feeding

Pregnant and breast feeding women are obviously not supposed to smoke cigarettes. The carcinogens and toxins in cigarette smoke would harm the unborn fetuses and the babies exposed to them.

While ecigarettes deliver only nicotine, pregnant and breast feeding women should still avoid it because the substance could cause certain damages to the babies. There has been no available data from scientific studies confirming that nicotine is associated with prenatal disorders. However, there are early testings on animals that have led scientists to believe that nicotine might inhibit proper brain growth, might cause atrophy, or might result to the abnormalities in the chromosomes of the child.

Breastfeeding women also need to avoid nicotine because the substance might be transmitted to the child through the breast milk. It is true that the effect of nicotine to adults and children are not well understood, but this lack of information should already be enough for mothers to avoid nicotine even for the sake of their children.

Allergic to Nicotine and/or Inhaled Ingredients

If you have any sensitivity to nicotine and/or to inhaled ingredients, you should be smart to avoid using nicotine.

Using Smoke Cessation Aids and NRTs

A lot of vapers use ecigs as safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Ecigs are not marketed as smoke cessation aids, but many users are already regarding them as such albeit lack of approval from the FDA or health regulators. To them, ecigs are the only tools allowing them to slowly decrease the nicotine use.

Ecigs should not be used along with nicotine replacement products like patches, gums and lozenges. The reason for this is simple. Using both products that deliver nicotine might lead to nicotine overdose.

Nicotine overdose could be indicated by extreme anxiety, dizziness, cold sweats, dizziness, headache, tingling sensation, headache, insomnia, increased blood pressure, high pulse rate, weakness and fatigue, vomiting, nausea, stomachache, diarrhea and reduced appetite.

Poor or Specific Health Conditions

In general, if you have poor health, smoking and vaping are among the things that you need to avoid. If you are planning to start using ecigs, you need to consult your physician first.

If you have asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure or other illnesses that require you to take medicines, you should also not use ecigarettes. This is because the medications you are taking might only contradict with the components of ecigs or vice versa.

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Opposition To Ecigs Can Make People Dense

Those who oppose ecigs are often heard arguing their own cases against electronic cigarettes Opposition to ecigs, just like antagonism towards anything could make a person dense that he/she sometimes delivers statements that are funny at best and unintelligent at worst.

Negative Emotions And Folly

Anger, frustration, fear, guilt and hurt are examples of strong negative emotions that put the body and mind into a stress mode. When we feel these powerful negative emotions, the body/mind prepares to fight or to run away. When in stress mode, chemical changes occur in the body that suppress one’s ability to solve problems and only allows the muscles to be energized. In other words, feeling such powerful negative feelings can literally make a person stupid.

Sadly, these are the sentiments that anti-ecig people feel. It is, thus, understandable that they sometimes deliver opposition to ecigs statements that could either make you laugh or drop your jaw in amazement. Beware, if their statements make you angry, fearful and frustrated; you might also become as dense as these people are.

Tobacco Free Kids

It is from this organization that said “If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck and it sounds like a duck and it looks like a duck, it is a duck.” This statement is a clear dismissal and disregard for science and scientists. Experts have been sincerely doing their jobs to analyze and bring forward facts that don’t lie, but what Tobacco Free Kids and other organizations against ecigarettes want is to bypass science and let lack of sense rule.

MHRA, Jeremy Mean

During the Ecigarette Summit, Mean was heard saying “Vapers don’t want the next new flavour, they just want a droplet of nicotine delivered to their lungs.” Non-vapers and anti-ecig advocates will agree to this, but vapers who personally experience the joys and benefits of vaping will agree that this is not only a biased statement, but also one that is emanates thickness of mind.

New York University’s Cardiac and Pulmonary Wellness and Rehabilitation Program, Dr. Jonathan Whiteson

Whiteson talked about the products during the Early Show and told the anchors Harry Smith and Julie Chen that “…there’s no proof that these cigarettes are safe. No proof whatsoever. They are made in China.”

The doctor should have given more thoughts to the words he had said. Having come from a doctor like him, a critical thinker would wonder if he/she should then stop taking antibiotics. Earlier this year, an article on the Daily Caller discussed that the US is almost fully reliant on China for the supply of antibiotics that can save lives.

James Reilly

The Irish Minister for Health spoke at the EPSCO Press Conference where he stated that “Less toxic does not mean more healthy for me.” As a health minister, Reilly definitely needs to leave his position because of his lack of understanding about what health is.

WHO Official

An official of the World Health Organization remarked that “While regular cigarettes have a filter, [with] this delivery device the electronic cigarette, the nicotine goes directly to the lungs.”

This official certainly does not understand what he is talking about. The function of a filter in a cigarette, first of all, is not to stop nicotine. Filters are added to cigarettes to lessen the amount of tar that goes to the body from a burning cigarette.

Filters are not present in ecigs because they work without tobacco combustion. Next, nicotine travels not directly to the lungs while vaping; but absorbed in the airway passages.

Tennessee State Government

“It is an offense to distribute or sell any product or device containing or delivering nicotine intended or expected for human consumption that is not a tobacco product…” Tennessee state officials have banned vegetables because they also contain nicotine.

Dana Tyler

She said that “Ecigarettes contain propylene glycol… an ingredient used in antifreeze in our cars and that doesn’t sound healthy to any of us.”

However, PG is actually an ingredient used when an anti-freezing non-toxic element is required like in drinking water. Tyler probably does not know that she could be brushing her teeth with PG.

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Unraveling The Eliquid Sweetness

The eliquid sweetness is most likely the same sweetness you will experience from Kool-Aid and Jolly Ranchers. Portland State University researchers in Oregon have found that the same chemicals in the popular products are also used in the best eliquid. Their study results appear on the New England Journal of Medicine.

The Portland University researchers were the first to look at these chemicals. They were the first to discover that the characterizing candy flavors of Kool-Aid and Jolly Ranchers are also used in the eliquids and ecigarettes that have been in the market for many years.

According to Professor James Pankow of Portland State and lead author of the research, if a person smells the grape flavored ejuice, this would be the same essence of Kool-Aid grapes. This study came at a time when the FDA has released its proposed regulatory measures for electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other tobacco products.

Unrestricted Ecig Flavorings

These policies will treat these tobacco products as if they were tobacco cigarettes. The devices should not be sold to minors. Yet, eliquid flavorings that are heavily opposed by many health advocates are not yet banned by the FDA.

Since 2009, the FDA has already banned the candy-flavored cigarettes. It was in 2009 when the federal agency has been granted by the Tobacco Control Act with more tobacco industry oversight. FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg stated that time that almost 90& of adult smokers begin smoking while in their teenage years. The flavored cigarettes serve as gateway for children and also young adults to conventional smoking.

Pankow has quoted this statement from Hamburg for their study report. He explained that he does not understand why this same logic is not applied to electronic cigarettes. The FDA, meanwhile, is still reviewing literature on the impact of using flavored tobacco in ecig kits like the Kanger evod starter kit.

What Makes Eliquid Sweetness

The basic ingredients of eliquids are propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, flavorings (artificial or natural) and the optional nicotine. The findings of Pankow’s team is to be expected because almost all reputable providers and makers of eliquids actually use ingredients that the FDA has approved safe for use in other edible and consumable products.

The allegation of some public officials and health authorities that ecigarette flavorings attract children and minors to smoke is not proven or founded by available evidences. In reality, data points that the opposite of such accusation is what ecigarettes are able to do. Ecigs do not lure children or non-smokers; but rather drive people away from smoking.

The most commonly used ingredient to make sweet smelling and tasting ejuices is Ethyl Maltol. It is even an organic or natural compound that is usually used in other products that need to have sweet taste and pleasant smell. It is used in many food products, beverages, confectionary, fragrances and tobacco products.

In eliquids, ethyl maltol is used in rounding off any harsh flavor. It adds sweetness and renders a candy floss or cotton candy type of flavor when used in greater amounts.

The sweet smell of this chemical can be described as caramelized sugar, sweet cooked fruit, candy floss or cotton candy. Ethyl Maltol liquid or 10% dissolved in Propylene Glycol is ideal for sweetening eliquid flavors. This is a ready to use pre-mixed concentrate that can be conveniently added to eliquids when sweetness or candy-like flavor is needed.

Flavorings for eliquid mixing are available in various forms. It is very important to use food grade flavorings in mixing ejuices. However, not all food grade flavors can be suitably used with ejuices. For example, if the food flavoring is combined with vegetable oil, it will be unsafe to vape the eliquid with it.

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Logic Technology Expanding And Moving To Florida

Logic Technology is among the largest ecig companies in the US and it has almost completed its move to a new location in order to ease its planned expansion.

The original base of the company is in Livingston, New Jersey. However, since the company is set for its expansion, it would soon operate from a new location in Pompano Beach in Florida.

Logic Technology president Miguel Martin said that the new office in Pompano Beach covers an area of 23,000 square feet. Aside from the bigger space, the new base also allows better connections to main seaports and airports that will be material in the company’s plan to be a nationwide company.

The Livingston area will not be totally abandoned or left behind. In fact, there will be some members of the sales team as well as from the distribution team to the Northeast who would remain there. The new headquarters will be the new designated place for 10 senior staff members of the company and also warehouse employees.

From Humble Beginnings

Logic has over 50 employees and has been doing business on the Livingston office since year 2010. The Livingston office was chosen when the company was founded as a small firm. Logic Technology has obviously grown and it now requires bigger and better facility in order to provide great service to the whole country.

Based on the Nielsen C-Track Database, the ecig company holds 20.8% of the whole ecig market. With this market share, the company is ranked as the second largest ecig business in the USA.

According to Martin, they will continue to hold a major presence in NJ and in the Northeast. The company will operate distribution centers with its business partners in the region and in the state.

He added that he does not think of this move as a change or will cause a change in the company’s engagement and connection with Northeast. According to him, the majority of Logic’s infrastructure will not be changed. He also said that this will serve simply as a corporate headquarters move.

The reason for this move, the president said, was caused by no other reason except for logistic reasons. The move was intended for better options in shipping and in receiving orders.

The New Headquarters

The Pompano Beach headquarters is located just north of Fort Lauderdale. From this office, the ecig firm will have better means of receiving products imported from China. This spot is also a perfect place where they could better ship orders locally and internationally. Such shipping will be advantageous to the company.

He once again reiterated that the company’s presence in the Northeast will remain strong. It is here where the company started and it is here where the company is at its strongest. There will be no difference that consumers would notice in terms of the shelf presence of the products.

Logic products are available at convenience stores and on its website. Logic ecigs will also be more available in supermarkets nationwide.

Logic Advantage

The premium electronic cigarette offered by Logic is cost efficient. Some other brands’ ecigs can last only as long as 1-1.5 packs of cigarettes. Logic ecigs can produce 400 puffs equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes.

Its products are made using supreme quality liquids and components. It offers a breakthrough technology that ensures delivery of richest flavors and thickest vapor.

It also offers its Recycle Program. Ecigs are regarded more environment friendly than real cigarettes because there are no ash or cigarette butts ending up littered in rivers and oceans. However, electronic cigarettes also produce certain kind of wastes: electronic wastes like used up batteries and empty cartridges.

Like all other trash, if not properly discarded, these electronic wastes could cause serious problems. With Logic Recycle Program, you can send 10 used disposable Logic ecig back to the company and in return, you will get your free new disposable ecig.

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Our Green Smoke Ecig Review

The electric cigarettes from Green Smoke have been a trend when it first of all came out in the general public back in 2008. Even though many manufacturers during this time period have offered an e-cigarette with three pieces, the one from Green Smoke made a simpler cartomizer product. This enables the user to just twist the cartridge flavor combined with the battery as a way for it to light up. The ways in which electronic cigarettes are noticed nowadays have been completely changed by Green Smoke and is a primary reason why there have been much positive testimonies on every Green Smoke Review.

Green Smoke EcigsToday, there are lots of e-cigarette manufacturers that are offering a straightforward cartomizer model for individuals. In relation to flavor and vapor experience, Green Smoke continues to be unique among the rest. Clearly more reactive, the vapors from Green Smoke e cigarettes fared better compared to other goods. The business even offers batteries that keep going longer and have true to life flavors compared to others.

There are numerous realistic flavors provided by the company nowadays such as Tobacco Gold, Smooth Chocolate, Vanilla Dreams, Tobacco Red Label, Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice. The cartridges which have been flavored do not cost much and can be bought as low as $219.97 for 80 cartridges today. Its standard pack will include free shipping and also free batteries all at once.


The tobacco being offered have a variety of strengths which range from zero as much as full. Even if Green Smoke does not possess many flavors to provide, customers can reap the benefits of the customization instead. Distinct charger options and accessories are now being offered by the company to customers these days. Various colors and patterns can be expected using the designer batteries that are offered.

A unique option with the batteries is obtainable with Green Smoke. Long and short batteries are normally found here. The short battery packs are about 4 inches and will make it look like any typical cigarette. Depending on the Green Smoke Reviews, the longer battery packs will make the item last longer because it provides extra strength.


The shoppers will receive a 30 day money back warranty after making purchase. Those who are not happy with the product bought could possibly get a refund on the money invested. There’s even a lifetime warranty over the batteries provided which may be as long as a year.

An evidence of purchase over the cartomizers in the past three months is required for those who may have reached beyond the one year mark. There exists a maximum number of three batteries which are defective which can be replaced inside a month.

Customer Service

In relation to servicing the customers, the website of Green Smoke has made it quite simple for them to buy. A toll-free number together with an online chat option is available in the process most of the time for inquiries. Customers can expect the representatives to be educated and polite.

Additionally, there are Monthly Refill programs being featured by Green Smoke. Without making a purchase order, the purchasers will be sent new green smoke cartomizers since they are automatically done by this program. It’s possible to opt in an out from the program whenever you want as well. The shoppers are able to help save quite a bit of money with the program while the larger purchases can be shipped for free.

The best experience in electric cigarettes can be purchased by people who purchase from Green Smoke nowadays. This really is a primary reason why the Green Smoke Reviews are really positive as their consumers are very content with the organization.

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